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Traditional Tarot

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to gain insight into yourself and the common questions and issues that we deal with in our daily life. Tarot differs from oracle cards in that there are 78 cards in the tarot deck that are divided into specific types of cards and suits that pertain to certain aspect of life.

The tarot decks is divided into 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana card which are divided up into 4 suits. The suits of the tarot are similar to traditional suits on playing cards and represent a different aspects of ourselves. The four suits and their meanings are:

Cups - Represents the inner self, desires, and emotions.

Swords - Represents action and intellect.

Wands - Represents work and spiritual issues, growth and ideas.

Pentacles - Represents health, prosperity, money, and manifestation.

Major Arcana

The major arcana cards deal with major concerns or significant issues in the person's life. The appearance of any major arcana in a reading or spread means that the Divine are especially working with querent on this issue.

Court Cards and the Minor Arcana

Each suit contains a King, Queen, Knight and Page which represent people in the querent's life. In addition, each suit has 10 minor arcana cards which represent more specific issues that deal with each suit.

Reverse Cards

I personally choose not to read the tarot with reverse cards although some readers do. Although reverse cards simply represent blocks in a certain area, they can be viewed as negative and foreshadow the reading. I read the tarot intuitively, which means I sense the meanings of the cards when I read their symbolism, therefore, I do not need the card to be physically reversed to know that there is a block in that area. This ensures that the querent remains open and receives a reading that is informative and helpful.

Tarot Readings

There are two different tarot decks that I personally work with and that is the traditional Rider Waite Tarot Deck and the Spiral Tarot deck. When you order a reading, I intuitively feel which tarot deck should be used, however, if you have a preference, please include the choice in deck when sending your information.

Tarot readings are offered through email, but can be combined with a Phone Reading, however, Phone Reading length and charges will apply.

For your convenience, the tarot readings have been divided into specific areas of concern.

General Readings

1 Card - Quick Guidance

This 1 card reading is for quick guidance on any question.


1 Card - Energy of the Day

This 1 card reading reveals the energy for the upcoming day.


3 Card Spread - 1 Question/General Reading/Past, Present, Future

This three card spread can either address a particular question, give general guidance, or look into the past, present and possible future of your issue or situation.


4 Card Spread - Your Personal Strength

This Spread reveals to your your personal strength and how it can be applied in your daily life.

Card 1 - Your greatest personal strength

Card 2 - How you can enhance this strength

Card 3 - How your strength can be applied to a relationship or situation

Card 4 - What your greatest personal strength brings to you


5 Card Spread - Life Path Spread

This Spread focuses on the path that your are currently on, the lessons you are learning, and what you will obtain long term.

Card 1 - Direction of your current path in life

Card 2 - The lessons you are learning

Card 3 - What is coming up on your life path

Card 4 - Your long term objective

Card 5 - What will help you attain your objective


5 Card Spread - Monthly Spread

This Spread focuses on the dominant energies of each week of the coming month.

Card 1 - General energy of the upcoming month

Card 2 - First week of the month

Card 3 - Second week of the month

Card 4 - Third week of the month

Card 5 - Fourth week of the month


6 Card Spread - Rainbow Spread

This Spread focuses on what is blocking you from attaining your hearts desire, what can help you, and guidance to find your pot of gold.

Card 1 - Rain - what is holding you back from attaining your hearts desire

Card 2 - Drizzle - the first steps you can take to achieve what you want

Card 3 - Clearing - who or what can help you

Card 4 - Sunshine - the best you can hope for

Card 5 - Rainbow - short-term advice

Card 6 - Pot of Gold - long-term outcome


6 Card Spread - Short Celtic Cross Spread

This Spread is a short version of the traditional Celtic Cross Tarot spread.

Card 1 - Past experience

Card 2 - Where you are now

Card 3 - Near Future

Card 4 - Your future enviroment

Card 5 - The best you can hope for

Card 6 - Outcome


7 Card Spread - Pet Spread

This Spread focuses on your pet, what your pet wants to tell you, how your pet is doing, and the overall outlook of your pet. This reading is for one pet. Please include name of pet and type of animal in email before reading.

Card 1 - What your pet is trying to tell you

Card 2 - What your pet feels or desires right now

Card 3 - What you can do to help your pet

Card 4 - What your pet needs most of the time

Card 5 - Pet's overall health

Card 6 - Something your pet will need or feel in the future

Card 7 - Overall outlook for your pet


7 Card Spread - Weekly Spread

This Spread focuses on the energies for each day of the coming week.

Card 1 - Day 1

Card 2 - Day 2

Card 3 - Day 3

Card 4 - Day 4

Card 5 - Day 5

Card 6 - Day 6

Card 7 - Day 7


9 Card Spread - Birthday Spread

This reading gives you a snapshot of where you currently are in your life at the time of your birthday and guidance on how to attain your goals by your next birthday.

Card 1 - Where you are now at the time of your birthday

Card 2 - Where you would like to be on your next birthday

Card 3 - What empowers you

Card 4 - What you need to create to bring you closer to your goals

Card 5 - Your current material state

Card 6 - Your current emotional state

Card 7 - Your current spiritual state

Card 8 - What stnad in opposition to your objectives

Card 9 - What you need to do this year to make your dreams come true


9 Card Spread - Treasure Chest Spread

This reading reveals everything that is in your treasure chest.

Card 1 - Diamonds - Where you shine such as your major talents and abilities

Card 2 - Pearls - The knowledge and information you have incorporated into your life

Card 3 - Gold Coins - What you have in regards to money and material possessions

Card 4 - Emeralds - What you know in regards to relationships in your life

Card 5 - Platinum chains - Things or people in your life that are holding you back

Card 6 - Sapphires - Where you could shine in regards to emerging talents and abilities

Card 7 - Quartz Crystals - The knowledge and information that you are learning and could incorporate into your life

Card 8 - Rubies - Who you may know soon in regards to relationships that are entering your life

Card 9 - Unpolished diamonds - Your hidden lights such as talents and abilities that you can develop


10 Card Spread - Celtic Cross Spread

This spread is the traditional celtic cross which can be used to address any situation.

Card 1 - Cover - General atmosphere of the question

Card 2 - Crossing - Opposing forces both positive and negative

Card 3 - Foundation - Past basis of the matter

Card 4 - Behind you - Influences that are passing away

Card 5 - Crowning - Possible future event or forces taking shape

Card 6 - Before You - Forces already in motion that may manifest in the future

Card 7 - Feelings - Feelings regarding the issue

Card 8 - Opinions - What others think about the matter

Card 9 - Hopes, Aspirations, goals, dreams and desires

Card 10 - Outcome of the question


Relationship and Love Readings

5 Card Spread - New Relationship Spread

The Spread focuses on a new relationship, the people involved in that relationship and the possible outcome. In addition to your name and birthdate, I also need the name and birthdate of the other person.

Card 1 - What you bring to the relationship

Card 2 - What the other person brings to the relationship

Card 3 - Will you be happy in the relationship?

Card 4 - Will the other person be happy in the relationship?

Card 5 - Will the relationship last?


6 Card Spread - Love Spread

The Spread focuses on your personal experiences and expectations with love.

Card 1 - Your past experience with love

Card 2 - Your current experience with love

Card 3 - What you want from a love relationship

Card 4 - What you need from a love relationship

Card 5 - What you have to give a lover

Card 6 - Possible future experience in love


9 Card Spread - Ex-Lover Spread

This reading focuses on a past relationship, where the two of you are now, and the possbility of a reconciliation. The name and birthdate or age of the ex-lover is needed to perform the reading in addtion to your own name and age or birthdate.

Card 1 - Past history of the relationship

Card 2 - Where you are now

Card 3 - Where your ex is now

Card 4 - What you really feel about getting back together

Card 5 - What your ex really feels about getting back together

Card 6 - Who or what opposes what you want

Card 7 - Who or what can help you get what you want

Card 8 - Something you may not know about the situation

Card 9 - Outcome or resolution


9 Card Spread - Cupid's Arrow Spread

This reading reveals what you need to do to find your true love.

Card 1 - Current situation

Card 2 - What lead to your current situation

Card 3 - What you want from a love relationship

Card 4 - What you have to give to a love relatinship

Card 5 - Your true love: the person you are seeking

Card 6 - What you need to do to find your true love

Card 7 - What you can do to speed up the process

Card 8 - Who or what can help

Card 9 - Outcome or what will happen


Abundance and Prosperity Readings

5 Card Spread - Money Spread

The Spread focuses are your current situation involving money, future opportunities involving money, and the result.

Card 1 - Your financial foundation

Card 2 - Money coming into your life soon

Card 3 - Opportunities that may need to be considered

Card 4 - The person or situatin that will bring in new money

Card 5 - Result


6 Card Spread - Prosperity Spread

The Spread focuses on your personal experience with prosperity

Card 1 - Area in your life where you currently prosper

Card 2 - Area in your life where you would like to prosper in the future

Card 3 - What you need to cultivate future prosperity

Card 4 - Who or what will help or hinder you

Card 5 - Something you need to be aware of

Card 6 - Your ultimate attainment


7 Card Spread - Manifestation Spread

This Spread reveals the areas of the life you want to change, the blessings you have now, and how you can use those blessings for transformation.

Card 1-2 - An area of your life that you want to change

Card 3-4 - Your blessings now

Card 5-6 - How to use your blessings for transformation

Card 7 - What you achieve through this merging