How I Read

Kerri Schultz

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I receive information during a reading in many ways. I hear or see words, see images or movies which are symbolic and literal in meaning, and also receive direct messages from my Spirit Guides and Angels, as well as, your Guides and Angels. It is my job as a reader to interpret the information I am receiving, when doing so I depend on my feelings or clairsentience to guide me to the correct meaning of the information.

During this process I work closely with my Spirit Guide Andrion and a group of guides I call My Council. This allows me to delve deep into the issue or concern you are experiencing and give you accurate insight into the circumstances surrounding your issue.

There are times when I am guided to work with a client in an Interactive Visualization. An Interactive Visualization begins with a movie Spirit shows me clairvoyantly about your concern. After sharing what I am seeing with you, I ask you to visualize this for yourself, and my guides and myself guide you through this visualization which will reveal to you the possible solutions to the issues you are facing. My Guides and I are actually helping you to tap into your own intuition and psychic abilities to see the solutions yourself. This can be a very powerful experience.

I am not a Fortune Teller. Fortune Tellers concentrate only on the physical world, and your actions of the past, present and probable future. While this can be entertaining, is it truly beneficial to your soul’s purpose and evolvement? As a true Spiritual Psychic and Intuitive Consultant, I concentrates not only on the physical world, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of my clients. All of these facets affect your life and your future. A Fortune teller can tell you what is coming up on your path, but a psychic reading should be more than that. A Spiritual Psychic reading should answer your questions, reveal to you what is on your path, but also, give you deep spiritual insight and guidance to see the energy at work in your life right now that you may be unaware of or may be unseen. This Divine Guidance and Insight empowers you to make the best choices and also reveals to you how you can take steps to change your energy to attract what you desire in life.

A Word about Phone and Messenger Readings

Before the phone call or messenger session, I focus on you and connect with your energy. Usually I begin to write down the information that I am receiving from Spirit before I begin the reading. The first half of the reading is then devoted to what I am continuing to receive. At times, I may pause when speaking or typing, this is due to the communication I am receiving from my Guides or I am clairvoyantly seeing images that I must focus on. The process is similar to a translator who must first listen to the person speaking then relay the message to the other person. It is important when I begin the reading to acknowledge what is coming through, this is how I know that I am connecting with your energy. The second half of the reading is devoted to answering your questions, and if guided to do so, I may pull some cards from one of my decks for further guidance.