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Every person is intuitive, however, in the words of Sylvia Browne, “Some people’s light is turned on a little brighter than others.” This does not mean that your intuition cannot be strengthened. Taking just a little time each day to perform some the of the exercises listed below will help you to see, hear, feel, and know the Spirit world more clearly. Please trust and have faith that you have the ability to access this intuitive power, it is just a matter of clearing away your mind talk and becoming a clearer channel for divine communication.


Meditation is the act of focusing one’s mind and thoughts in order to relax and still the mind. In doing so, it opens up the doorways of your mind in order to connect with those of the Spirit Realm. One of the most useful forms of meditation I found when beginning my intuitive development was Guided Meditations. Sylvia Browne, Doreen Virtue, John Edward and many others have tapes available that will help to guide you to connect with your guides or for healing purposes. Another very powerful method I have used is finding a meditation you like in a book and reading it into a tape recorder and using that as your guided meditation. The reason this method is so powerful is that you are listening to your own voice, the voice that you hear everyday.

Use your Imagination and Awaken your Inner Child

We have two hemispheres of the brain, the left and the right. Our left hemisphere governs our verbal skills, logic, math, science, language etc. Our right hemisphere governs music, intuition, imagination, fantasy, art, etc. Participating in activities that use your imagination and creativity helps to open up our intuition. Ted Andrews explains this in his book, How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides. Andrews says “Creative imagination or imaginative cognition, is the key to opening the door to true spiritual awareness, energies and beings.” Below are some tips and activities to enhance your imagination.

Recognizing Messages from Spirit

Spirit is all around us if we just focus and pay attention. Just by reading this you have taken the first step to strengthening your intuition. I have listed below some examples of what to look for in regards to Spirit Communication.

Heirarchy of the Divine

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